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My Story

Hi, I'm Anna Pruett. 

Truth be told, I never planned on starting a business when I set out on a path of self-discovery in 2009, When I was a child, I saw colors and people that weren’t physically there and heard things others did not. I knew things without being physically told. When I was around seven years old, my parents found out that I could take another's pain away with no training.

From my teen years through my twenties, I was still trying to figure myself out. I nervously performed some energy readings and would provide occasional relief for aches and pains, but not many people knew about my gifts or that I was an empath. I eventually reached a point where I needed to start understanding these gifts and talents if I wanted to make a difference.

Since that time, I have been engaging, studying, and living in this world of energy and light, truly immersing myself in the beauty and essence of who we all are as beings of light—I can't get enough of it! I spent years training in the Arts of Energy Wellness, studying all of its forms. I've worked hard to understand the concepts and apply them to my own Healing Journey.

I built this business on my passion for bringing light to others' lives. The gift I hope to give others is the ability to unlock their gifts and talents, discover their personal power, and radiate the light that's already inside of them. This light is inside all of us, so let it shine and light the world with your warmth. 

Live the life and light you want to live

Jay Pruett

For over a decade, Jay as passionately immersed himself in the realms of mindset and energy therapy, striving to create a harmonious equilibrium between the mind and energy to facilitate a more fulfilling life journey. With a dedicated focus on helping individuals achieve holistic well-being, Jay brings a wealth of expertise to the table.

Rooted in a diverse array of energetic modalities and mindset techniques, Jay is a licensed practitioner and adeptly trained in a spectrum of transformative practices. From the gentle art of Reiki to the profound impact of Access Consciousness (The Bars), the insights of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), the power of Hypnosis, the revolutionary Quantum Timeline Therapy, and a nurturing approach to mentoring, Jay harnesses these tools to empower individuals on their path to self-discovery.

However, Jay's influence transcends beyond one-on-one sessions. He is no stranger to sharing wisdom on stage, be it through captivating classes or enlightening seminars. His dynamic presence and profound insights have made a positive impact on countless lives, motivating and guiding others to unlock their potential and transcend self-imposed limitations.

In business, the focal point remains the delicate balance between mindset and energy fields. By merging these two integral aspects, he help facilitate a transformative journey where clients can embrace personal growth, experience enhanced mental clarity, and tap into their innate energies for a vibrant and purposeful life.

Join Jay in the voyage toward self-discovery, where the realms of mindset and energy intertwine to catalyze profound change. With Jay as your guide, the potential for positive transformation becomes limitless.

Mind & Energy Services

Classes and Events

Experience engaging and transformative group classes on a variety of topics, including mindset, chakra and aura health, energy therapies and more. Schedule a speaking engagement or class for any size group or a retreat. 

Energy Therapy

Cleanse your aura and chakra to allow more light into your life.  Anna is trained in many modalities and will customize your therapy to your specific needs.

Life Coaching

Reach your goals and full potential with a healthier mindset. Throughout the life coaching process with Mind &Energy, we address blockages in all areas of your mind, body and spirit for complete and lasting success.