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Let Anna Pruett, a professional energy therapist, be your guide to a more empowered life, full of balance and light. 

Remote Healing Now Available!

To help simplify your life while maximizing your progress, Nichi now offers remote healing sessions. You’ll experience the same exceptional care and relief from the comfort of your own home. During each remote session, your therapist will connect with you via video chat or phone call and use gentle energetic treatments to remove blocks or reduce discomfort. 

Because energy transcends space and time, remote healing can literally be performed from across the globe and produce the same results as if you were in the same room. Many patients who receive both remote and in-person care say that they are equally effective and remote healing is far more convenient for a busy lifestyle. 

Schedule an in-person or remote healing session today and begin to see the transformation in your life.

What makes Anna different?

We know what it’s like to be overwhelmed by all the different types of specialists, life coaches, and energy workers out there. Sometimes it feels like a battle just to be respected and understood when you seek healing and transformation. 

Anna Pruett has over 10 years of experience as a professional energy therapist and is certified/trained in many holistic modalities and techniques, including Reiki, Access Consciousness, foot zoning, sound therapy, life coaching, aromatherapy, chakra and aura balancing, and many more. Her intuitive gifts help her choose the methods and training that will maximize your results while still respecting and listening to your individual needs. 

Anna’s customized, non-abrasive approach gives you the space to feel safe and at ease as you move forward on your healing journey.

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Nichi changes lives. Let us transform yours.

"Anna has been so helpful to me. I have some chronic illnesses and she has been able to help me with detoxing and doing energy work. I have been able to feel relief from symptoms. I know I have found something that has helped me now, but will also help me in the long run. Anna is so kind and I'm so grateful that I found Nichi so that I could get help while on the road to wellness. ” 


"I was in a lot of physical pain & wasn’t emotionally or mentally prepared for an invasive surgery I was two months out from having. My friend suggested I meet Anna and do some energy work prior to the surgery. By the end of my first session, the pain was gone and stayed that way for hours. 2nd session, pain was gone for almost a week. 3rd session, pain was 100% gone and has been that way for over a month. Between getting the inflammation down in my body with natural supplements,  diet, and Anna’s energy work I was able to cancel my surgery. I love Anna and Jay!"


"Anna is very respectful and honoring of your bodies energy needs. She is so adept at using both her natural gifts/talents and knowledge at addressing what would best serve you. I have a great respect for her and working with her is a very pleasant experience. She puts you at ease and in a safe open space whenever you are around her. I highly recommend coming to her."


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