Upcoming Classes

Aura Colors

June 17th

Want to know more about your aura and get a picture of the colors around you? 

This will be fun getting to get to know your energy class. We will take a picture of your aura, talk about the color meanings/Vibration, do a meditation aura cleansing, have a Q & A, and more.

$77  Space is limited.

Setting Up Your Space

July 16th

Sometimes we have chaos all around us. You can be prepared with the tools to protect yourself from unwanted or unbalancing energy, drama, or stress. The energy around you is a special protective barrier, so learn how to strengthen, repair, and maintain it. This is an in-person or inline class.

Chakra Basics

Next Date TBD 

If you are just starting with energy work or would like a refresher course, you  will enjoy this introduction to chakras, and the connecting with your energy centers. 

This class will cover the basics of chakra health and how they impact your physical and mental experiences. You'll come away with some great trips for recognizing blockages and keeping your chakras open.